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Peters Partyservice

These are wonderful plate warmers. I saw them for the first time at my catering hire, tried them, and was totally convinced. The hood with my logo makes my buffets stylish and complete. My guests are enjoying the warm plates, especially now in autumn time. One big advantage: the even heating of each plate with the low-noise heating fans. Always a pleasure...

Peter Schmidt
Peters Partyservice


We've been using the plate warmers for 80 and 120 plates for several years now and are completely satisfied with them. They're very easy to handle because they're small, light, and compact.
Our guests are always pleasantly surprised when their food is served on a warm plate. The plate warmers by Caterer's Friend have our full recommendation!

Anne Duesmann
Duesmann FineFood and Catering, Gronau


"We've been working together with Caterer's Friend for many years now. We use their plate warmers for a wide variety of weekend events: they're compact, simple to transport, and super easy to set up. It takes less than 30 minutes to heat all the plates. The new Buffet line are their best models yet, especially because of the improved handling for outdoor buffets and similar events. The plastic flap allows us to keep the hood on at all times, so the plates stay warm even in difficult conditions. It even looks good! We're extremely satisfied and give a full recommendation!"

Family Siegfried Faller & Team
Hotel - Restaurant Fallerhof, Bad Krozingen-Hausen

Butcher`s Neubauer OHG

The plate warmers have really enriched our catering service. Nobody expects warm plates for example in a marquee of the Munich Beer Festival. This fact can fascinate the guests. And since the transportation is so surprisingly simple, it is easy to apply. In addition to it, the competent and friendly staff of Caterers Friend is really great!

Butcher`s Neubauer OHG

Restaurant Valuta

After using your acrylic plate warmer for a month, I can tell you that we've made a good purchase. As a stationary unit for our in-house buffets, the acrylic model is a real eye catcher, and the warm plates make our guests happy.

Thomas Schütz
Restaurant Valuta, Saarbrücken

Nageler Schifffahrt

We're totally satisfied with the plate warmer for 120 plates. It's comfortable, space efficient, and easy to use. The most important thing for us has been the easy transport. Now we can offer warm plates not just at our café, but also at our catering events aboard the "Drauschiff" and the MS Ossiach on Lake Ossiach. The ability to offer restaurant-quality dining - warm plates included - aboard our ships during the cold season has been a particular delight for us and our guests.

Julia Harsanyi
Nageler Schifffahrt, Villach


The plate warmer is a big help for us at catering events large and small, and at our in-house buffets. The guests are always positively surprised when they notice that their plates are warm to the touch, especially when we're catering in an unusual location. We see the plate warmer as an important building block in our quest to make all of our guests happy and satisfied. We're happy to share this satisfaction with the team at Caterer's Friend! Thank you for making such a great product!

Marc Kunkel
FoodWorkers Catering/Konzepte/Beratung

Weingut Waldbüsser

We first discovered these plate warmers at a trade fair and were immediately impressed. They're flexible, easy to deploy, have a nice visual design, and don't take up a lot of space. Thanks to the friendly staff at Caterer's Friend, we were able to deploy our first plate warmer at a buffet just one week after the trade fair. We're very happy and can only recommend this product.

Steffen Waldbüsser
Weingut Waldbüsser, Kleinbottwar

Old Bakery

I've been using the plate warmers by Caterer's Friend for three years now, and I'm very impressed. The old warming cabinets were a huge pain! A fantastic product that's been very helpful. Thank you for making it.

Klaus Stangier

Bankett sinnreich

We have been working in the catering & convention sector for over 20 years, and we've been on the lookout for a new plate warming solution for a long time. With the mobile plate warmer by Caterer's Friend, we've not only found a lightweight and mobile solution that fits into a small package, but alsoa real "eye catcher," in stark contrast to most of the other systems on the market. We can give these plate warmers an unqualified recommendation.

Christoffer Müller
bankett sinnreich im Morgensternhaus

Heidis Gästehaus

We've been using the mobile plate warmers for many years now. Both our staff and our guests have been very happy with the warm plates, especially for off-site catering. The transport bags were a great idea. Super easy to recommend!

Heidi Schleibinger
Heidis Gästehaus, Ernsgaden

Hotel Schwarzes Roß

We've been working with your plate warmers for many years now, beginning with the hood for only 30 plates, and now with the 80 plate model. These units are super easy to handle, are quite affordable, and don't take up a lot of space. A good idea for lots of different occasions.

Helmut Beck
Hotel Schwarzes Roß mit Zehntscheune Steinsfeld

Seewinkler Partyservice

We're happy to count ourselves among the many satisfied users of the plate warmers by Caterer's Friend!

Seewinkler Party Service
Peter Paar, Frauenkirchen

Restaurant Am Schloßtor

We've been using your plate warmers in our catering business for a few years now, and we've been greatly impressed with them right from the start. We're thrilled to have a mobile plate warming system, and our guests have been very appreciative. Even the best food loses its taste when it's served on a cold plate. Many thanks to Caterer's Friend!

Restaurant Am Schloßtor Kleve
Michael Artz


The Warm Plate is the perfect complement for our high class catering enterprise. It's powerful, quiet, and most importantly flexible and easy to handle. We've found exactly the right model to suit our company's needs. In short: we can give the plate warmers by Caterer's Friend our full and unequivocal recommendation.

Michael Groß
gepr. Küchenmeister, GOURMEX®

Käfer Service GmbH

The plate warmers by Caterer's Friend are perfectly suited for catering work. The different sizes and the great portability of the units allow us to serve events from 5 to 5,000 people. The hood with our customized logo is very well made, wear and tear resistant, and even looks good! Now we can guarantee warm plates for all of our guests, even when we don't have a lot of space. These plate warmers have become indispensable for any party, and they have our full recommendation.

Stefan Berger
Expediton Manager
Käfer Service GmbH

Gasthof Hirsch Felderwirt

We've been using the plate warmer by Carerer's Friend for quite a while now. From the order to the delivery, it all went perfectly. We're focusing on our event catering and are using the plate warmer in all its variations. Our customers are thrilled about the warm plates, and our staff finds it easy to transport and deploy the plate warmer. We are happy and satisfied and can give a WARM recommendation to the plate warmer by Caterer's Friend.

Gasthof Hirsch Felderwirt

D. Kremer

Rauschenberger Catering

10 times better than a heated trolley: small, portable, and flexible. The cherry on top is the competent service by the unfailingly friendly staff of Caterer's Friend, whom we've known for many years now.

Rauschenberger Catering
Storage and Logistics Team

Die Gabel Catering & Events

We are a long time customer of Caterer's Friend, and we have always been very happy with their fast work, their friendly attitude, and especially with the quality of their plate warmers. A fantastic product - we can only recommend it!

Die Gabel Catering & Events

marschachter hof

We too are using the mobile plate warmers by Caterer's Friend, and we're very happy with them!

Heiner Hillermann
marschachter hof Gaststättenbetriebsgesellschaft mbH

Maritim Hotel Munich

After a long search for a good plate warmer we've had the great pleasure to test the Warm Plate. The plate warmer is a perfect addition to our buffet and has made cold plates a thing of the past. We are very happy with the visual design of the plate warmer, and also with its mobility. We give the Warm Plate a clear recommendation.

Nicolas Gerodez,
F&B Assistant,
Maritim Hotel Munich

RÜSCHE Catering GmbH

We've been using ten of your plate warmers for several years now, and they've allowed us to serve our dishes on warm plates quickly and easily, without any major technical requirements. They have been a great fit for the high standard of quality established by our cooks, and also for the high quality of service demanded by our clients and their guests.

Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Rüsche

RÜSCHE Catering GmbH

Bäumker, Gasthaus zum Dörenberg

We were looking for a good plate warmer for a very long time. Your new acrylic plate warmer has solved our problem with cold dishes at the buffet table and delights our guests with its great visual design. I can gladly recommend your plate warmer to my colleagues, both with its new acrylic hood and in the well-proven standard version, which has also served us exceptionally well.

Many thanks to Dieter Lampe for his genius invention! We look forward to working with your products for many years to come.

 Holger Bäumker

Gasthaus zum Dörenberg

Bad Iburg, Germany

Picker´s Gasthaus

We've been using the mobile plate warmers by Caterers Friend for two years now. They're super easy to use, the guests are happy with their warm plates, and the embroidered hoods are quite pretty. Highly recommended.

Stefan Surmann & Team
Picker´s Gasthaus

HOTEL Denkmalschmiede Höfgen

The sheer innovation of these "lightweights" has constantly impressed us over the past five years. Now we're ordering more units.

Dr. Kurt Uwe Andrich
HOTEL Denkmalschmiede Höfgen

Köln- Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschifffahrt AG

Once upon a time we were looking for a way to offer warm plates to the guests of our "all-inclusive evening and charter tours" on our modern KD ships. The usual solution - heated trolleys - were too large and could not be effectively "stored" aboard our ships. During a visit to a trade fair, we became aware of the new plate warmer solution by Caterer's Friend. Today, the mobile plate warmers are being used on nearly every KD ship, to the great enjoyment of our guests. Even for larger events with up to 1,400 people we can ensure that all of our guests are supplied with warm dishware.

Many thanks to Caterer's Friend for this innovative idea. Keep it going!

Your "KD"
Köln- Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschifffahrt AG

KD Europe S.a.r.L.
Gerhard Baumann
44, Esplanade de la Moselle
L-6637 Wasserbillig

Hotel - Restaurant Fallerhof, Bad Krozingen-Hausen

As one of your first customers and as true "long term testers", we want to finally offer our feedback.
We're currently using eight of your plate warmer units, either in our restaurant or at large scale catering events. We use them for soups, for main dishes, and for other plates.
We're very happy with the quality of your products and with the unfailingly friendly and accommodating service of the company Caterer's Friend.
Keep doing what you're doing! We're very satisfied with you and can give you a "warm" recommendation.

Siegfried Faller Family & Team
Hotel - Restaurant Fallerhof, Bad Krozingen-Hausen

Hotel Krone, Tübingen, Germany

We've been using your plate warmers for years and are very satisfied with their performance. They're flexible and easy to deploy in the restaurant as well as on catering events. Since we were one of your very first customers, we take all of your recommendations to heart; now we want to order larger hood models to expand our stock. We're looking forward to the future!

Sabine Stagl-Schlagenhauff
Hotel Krone, Tübingen, Germany

s'Kulinarium, Austria

We've ordered another two plate warmers with size 120 hoods.
The user friendly design and the small size of the unit are an unbeatable combination!
It's good when you can make work easier for your co-workers.

Christoph Matlschweiger MSc.
s'Kulinarium Catering- und HandelsgmbH


We are absolutely thrilled to use the mobile plate warmer "Meister Lampe"!
It's easy and efficient to use, with a sensible price and a small space requirement compared to other plate warmer solutions.
Instead of an oversized plate warmer cart lingering at the edge of the buffet, we can now warm the plates directly on the table. Now we can use new, more elegant arrangements for our buffets, to the great satisfaction of our customers.

Stefan Marxer, Assistant to the Management Team
Wüger Gastronomie AG
Wallisellenstrasse 45
8050 Zürich, Switzerland

Wirtshaus am Bavariapark

We've now been using the plate warmers for a year, and we're absolutely amazed. They're adaptable to different types of plates, take up very little space, and warm the plates quickly! They are everything we need.

Philip Sedgwick
Wirtshaus am Bavariapark, Munich

"Now we can provide lasting satisfaction to our customers without having to make a large acquisition..."

Hubert Schowe,
Westerwieder Bauernstuben

Hotel Deutscher Hof

No more lugging around heavy catering equipment! From now on we just pick up the shoulder bag and get warm plates and cups wherever we go. After our first field test we instantly ordered a second unit, and the third one won't be far behind.

Hotel Deutscher Hof

Gügglei Sternen EN

"Easy access to warm plates, at home or in the catering business = Caterers friend makes it possible - the icing on the cake at any event! For me, one of the GREATEST innovations of the past years!“

Thomas Schäublin
Güggeli Sternen, Switzerland


"An appliance with a great 'outside the heating box' design philosophy! The designer has clearly thought about the colleagues who use this plate warmer, because it's easy and simple to use. On, Off - that's it.
Actually, we use this plate warmer at all of our banquet events - even in-house -, because it doesn't draw attention to itself. The custom stitched hood even brings a bit of visual enrichment to the buffet table."

Ralph Knebel

Chef de Cuisine and member of the management team, Hotel Erbprinz

Zum Stern

One of the occasions where we use your plate warmers is our "dinner cabaret". We cannot use our heating stoves at those events, but the plate warmers are much more flexible.

The Baumann Family
Gasthof-Landhotel-Metzgerei "Zum Stern"

Andy's BBQ-Grillschule

We're very happy with the plate warmer.

Andreas Finzel
Andy's BBQ-Grillschule & Shop

Spezialitäten-Deele Gröne

We're working with 6 plate warmers from Caterer's Friend and are completely satisfied. We're especially happy with their great flexibility. At our buffets we use them to pre-heat the plates and soup bowls for our guests. For our table service we use the plate warmers to pre-heat the dishware for soups, sauces, and spreads. The simple and easy transportation and the compact design of the plate warmers are unbeatable selling points.

 Elmar Gröne
Spezialitäten-Deele Gröne
Fleischerei und Partyservice

Frankfurter Personenschiffahrt

Your plate warmers are very good! All of our ships have given positive feedback after using them. We're happy to order more units!

Steven Steingräber
Frankfurter Personenschiffahrt
A. Nauheimer GmbH

Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie

The mobile plate warmers by Caterer's Friend are perfect for us - easy to use and easy to transport. Why has this never been done before? We've been working with these units for years; they're reliable and super fast to deploy. Large heating wagons are a thing of the past now and we're very grateful for that. We also love the new extra large hood.

Christian Helferich
Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie

Porta Gaststätten

"The robust plate warmers by Caterer's Friend are the ideal solution for our catering events.
Their great handling makes them especially useful for small gatherings - our guests are delighted!"

Porta Gaststätten

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