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Plate warmer for 29 plates

mobiler Tellerwärmer Set für 29 Teller
The ideal plate warmer for mobile professional use!

Flexible, low weight, easy to transport, easy to use, and energy efficient. Suitable for plates of up to 29 cm (11.4 inches) diameter. Also suitable for terrines, soup bowls, and cups.
Maintains a constant, sensor regulated temperature of 45°C (113 Fahrenheit). Warm-up time: about 45 minutes.
Insulated, robust, easily cleaned foldable covering hood helps to maintain a high energy efficiency during operation. Features a transparent plastic slot (DIN A4) to showcase your individual company branding.
Diameter of the base unit: 35 x 8.5 cm (13.8 x 3.4 inches). Total weight: 5 kg (33 lbs). Cable length: 1.5 meters (49 foot). 230V connector, 850W power throughput.
Two years of warranty!
TÜV-certified and Made in Germany

Shipment includes: base and hood f 29 plates
Delivery time depending on your location.

Sales price without tax 314,00 €
Tax amount 59,66 €
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