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The Warm Plate

As a star chef and hotelier, Johann Lafer is an expert in the fields of restaurant work and high quality catering. His opinion: “True pleasure begins with a warm plate.” But many plate warmers are simply too large and unwieldy, and often look out of place in a carefully designed dining environment.

With the Acrylic Edition of our mobile plate warmer, the team at Caterer’s Friend are presenting an ideal solution to all of these issues. Johann Lafer himself has been using our plate warmers to great success at his gourmet restaurant Le Val d’Or, and on his culinary travels to some of the most beautiful dining spots in the world.

“The design instantly won me over,” Lafer tells us.

“A plate warmer that looks like an elegant display case. It was exactly what I’d been looking for.”

The famous German star chef is not alone in his opinion: major names from the dining and hospitality sectors like Radisson Blu, Hilton, the Restaurant Opéra Frankfurt, apetito catering, and Rauschenberger Event-Catering are already using the mobile plate warmers by Caterer’s Friend.

Do it like the experts:
Warm plates for perfect pleasure

The mobile plate warmer - Acrylic Edition:

holds 40 or 80 plates
fits plates of up to 32 cm / 12.6 in. diameter
suitable for every type of dishware
easy to handle
heats quickly and evenly
customizable on request
Made in Germany

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